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The Seventh trumpet



     PRAISE THE LORD PEOPLE OF GOD. I hope that all is well with you. And i pray that FATHER is your All in All. For THOUSANDS of years, we have been talking about the Coming of THE LORD; and now we are very close to FATHERS return. HE is coming soon. And JESUS is THE ONE TRUE GOD!! If you are still debating about who HE is, now you know. JESUS is THE ALMIGHTY GOD. JESUS IS THE EVERLASTING FATHER, and JESUS IS THE PRINCE of PEACE. There are no three thrones in Heaven; there is only one Throne in Heaven; and JESUS is the only ONE that sits on HIS THRONE!! Please don't be confused any longer because JESUS IS FATHER, JESUS IS SON, and JESUS IS THE HOLY SPIRIT. 

     Let us move forward to the Holy Scriptures; please take a look at REVELATION 11:15: 

               ‘And the SEVENTH ANGEL SOUNDED: and there were great voices in Heaven, saying, The Kingdoms of this World are become the kingdoms of our LORD and of HIS CHRIST, and HE shall reign for ever and ever.’ 

     Saints of THE MOST HIGH, the 7th Trumpet is being blown today. We are in the Season of the 7th Trumpet, and he is already sounding in the earth right now. These earthly kingdoms are in the hands of OUR LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. Because JESUS IS LORD! And HE has taken to HIMSELF HIS GREAT POWER, and hast REIGNED. [REVELATION 11:17]. Some of you are still waiting for the Tribulation to begin, but I am telling you that we are already in the Season of the Seals. We are in the Season of the Trumpets, and we are in the Season of the Vial Judgments. I am begging you to please open your eyes to FATHERS TRUTH.  

     This is the Season for the Servants and the Prophets of GOD, and to the Saints of GOD, and to those that Fear and Reverence HIS Name and Nature to receive their Rewards from Our HEAVENLY FATHER. [REVELATION 11:18]. The LORD is about to Reveal or Revelation HIMSELF to HIS SAINTS and to the World. Do you want to hear more? When the days or season of the Voice of the SEVENTH ANGEL shall begin to SOUND, the MYSTERY OF GOD should be FINISHED, as HE[JESUS] has declared to HIS SERVANTS the PROPHETS. [REVELATION 11:7]. This VOICE is the VOICE of THE ARCHANGEL because he has the Trumpet of GOD. And his name is Michael the CHIEF Archangel of GOD. He is the one blowing the 7TH TRUMPET OF GOD. Do you want to see the Mystery of the 7th Trumpet? Let us journey to I CORINTHIANS 15:51: 

               “Behold, I shew you a MYSTERY; We shall not all Sleep, but We all shall be CHANGED.’ 

     This is a part of The Mystery of GOD regarding the 7th TRUMPET. The SAINTS of GOD will be CHANGED into their Spiritual Bodies. Both in Heaven and those that live on the Earth. When will this happen? In a Moment, in the Twinkling of an Eye, at the LAST TRUMP [ or TRUMPET]; for the TRUMPET shall SOUND and the Dead shall be raised INCORRUPTIBLE, and we shall be CHANGED. [I CORINTHIANS 15:52]. The 7th TRUMPET IS ALREADY SOUNDING. THE 7TH TRUMPET IS ALREADY BLOWING; and the time for the Saints has arrived. The DEAD in CHRIST shall RISE or RESURRECT FIRST. And they shall MEET THE LORD JESUS CHRIST IN THE AIR. [I THESSALONIANS 4:14-17].  

     The 1st RESURRECTION SAINTS are getting ready to step into Immortality by THE POWER of HIS SPIRIT. Saints, the MYSTERY OF GOD is being Revealed unto you right now. Please take heed to FATHERS TRUTH. The Saints will no longer be in Bondage to these Natural Bodies no longer. They are soon to be Transformed into their Spiritual Bodies. I am repeating this truth because this is a GREAT CELEBRATION!!! And TO FATHER BE THE GLORY!!! The Saints of the MOST HIGH are about to Bear the IMAGE of the HEAVENLY. [I CORINTHIANS 15: 49]. Flesh and Blood Bodies CANNOT Inherit the KINGDOM of GOD; neither will CORRUPTION Inherit INCORRUPTION. [I CORINTHIANS 15: 50].  

     For the Saints, DEATH along with the Spirit of DEATH will be SWALLOWED UP in VICTORY!!! Why will DEATH be swallowed up in Victory? The answer is found in I CORINTHIANS 15:57: 

               “But thanks be to GOD, which giveth us the VICTORY through OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST.”  

     JESUS has already given HIS SAINTS the Victory, and they will continue to walk in CHRIST VICTORY. JESUS rose from the Grave, and HE is about to Raise HIS SAINTS from the Grave. BEHOLD I SHOW YOU A MYSTERY!!!  




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