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Feast of Trumpets




PRAISE THE LORD PEOPLE OF GOD! I hope that all is well with you. I pray that you are allowing FATHER to Mature you in Prayer and Studying HIS WORD. All these things are important to all Saints. If we are not growing in the Things of GOD, we will become Stagnant. Thus, walking in the Wilderness, and dying in the Wilderness. Please remember this: JESUS IS COMING SOON! We must prepare ourselves for HIS Return. FOR HE IS COMING REAL SOON! The Seals are Broken. The Trumpets are Blowing, and The Vials are being Poured Out now! Please Open your Eyes to FATHERS Truth. There is something that FATHER wants us to see in the Law of Moses. For the Law is Spiritual.

Please look at NUMBERS 10:2: Make thee Two Trumpets of Silver; of a whole piece shall thou make them that thou mayest use them for the Calling of the Assembly; and for the Journeying of the Camps.

The Trumpets must sound to call the Assembly. Sounds familiar? This verse shows us the 1st Resurrection. When the Trumpets sound, the Assembly will be gathered. This trumpet sound is Spiritual. Many people will not hear HIS Trumpet. Saints, please prepare yourselves to hear the sound of FATHERS TRUMPET! There are times when people hear FATHERS TRUTH in purity, one of these two Trumpets will sound in their spiritual ear; thus, bearing witness to FATHERS Truth. Look at Verse 3:

And when they shall Blow with them, all the Assembly shall Assemble themselves to thee at the door of the Congregation.'

For the Trumpet shall sound and FATHER will assemble HIS SAINTS together in the Clouds, and the Clouds are the Great Clouds of Witnesses that have gone on before us; and We which are Alive and remain shall be caught up Together to meet the LORD in the Air. [I THESSALONIANS 4:17].

The Great Assembly is near, and we will be with THE LORD forever! Wherefore, Comfort one another with these Words. Saints, please encourage one another with the Truth of FATHERS WORD. Encourage one another, letting them know that JESUS is SOON to return!!! Want to see more, please take a look at verse 4:

'And if they Blow but with One Trumpet, then the Princes, which are the Heads of the thousands of Israel, shall Gather themselves unto thee’

Saints, the Princes in this verse are the First Ranking Saints that are partakers of the 1st Resurrection. I have repeated this truth before; these Saints were serious about the Things of GOD. They have Matured in GOD and they eat THE Meat and Potatoes of GOD'S WORD. They have dedicated themselves to Prayer and Studying HIS WORD. The Princes are the 4TH REALM SAINTS. They have completed their Spiritual Journeys here on earth. They spiritually graduated from the Passover Journey to the Pentecostal Journey; from the Tabernacle Journey to the 4TH REALM.

Saints, I have to say this to you: all Believers will not be partakers of the 1st Resurrection. This is a Special Resurrection. This day is a Blessed and Holy Day. [Revelation 20:6]. This is the Spiritual Sabbath Day when the Saints of GOD will Rest in HIM. We will rest from our servile work and continually walk in the Things of GOD. Please take a look at verse 8:

'And the sons of Aaron, the PRIESTS, shall blow the TRUMPETS: and they shall be to you for an Ordinance forever throughout your 'And the sons of Aaron, the PRIESTS, shall blow the TRUMPETS: and they shall be to you for an Ordinance forever throughout your generations.'

Sound familiar? The Saints of GOD that are part of the 1st Resurrection will be Priests of GOD. And they shall Blow FATHERS Trumpet for 1000 years. They will be Preaching and Teaching the WORD OF GOD to those people that did not make the 1st Resurrection. They will be Preaching for 1000 years. The Trumpets are THE WORD of GOD that must be taught in the earth. But they shall be PRIESTS of GOD and of CHRIST and shall Reign with HIM a THOUSAND YEARS. [REVELATION 20: 6]. FATHER open up their eyes to your Truth, so that they may see you Clearly. In JESUS NAME. AMEN. There is something else for you to see. Please take a look at Verse 10:

'Also in the Day of your Gladness; and in your Solemn Days. And in the beginning of your months, ye shall Blow with the Trumpets over your Burnt Offerings, and over the Sacrifices of your Peace Offerings; and they may be to you for a Memorial before your GOD: I am the LORD your GOD.'

SAINTS, there will be no more burnt offerings because JESUS became our Passover; and the offerings offered now is Us; HIS SAINTS. We are the LIVING SACRIFICES today; and we must present our Bodies. And we must be HOLY and ACCEPTABLE unto the LORD. [Romans 12:1.2]. And JESUS is OUR PEACE!!! The 1st Resurrection will be a Day of Gladness for the Saints of GOD; and we will Rejoice and be glad in it. I am not done with this teaching.



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