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PRAISE THE LORD PEOPLE OF GOD! I hope that all is well with you. I pray that you sense the urgency of CHRIST return. JESUS is coming soon Saints of GOD. JESUS is showing the signs of HIS return into the earth. We are witnessing the WORD of GOD come alive right before our eyes. Earthquakes, Flooding all over the world, Mudslides, Volcanoes are erupting all over the world. The earth is groaning waiting for the liberty of the sons and daughters of GOD. Please prepare yourselves for HIS COMING. Behold, THE LORD cometh with TEN THOUSANDS of HIS saints, to Execute Judgment upon All, and to convince all that are Ungodly among them of all their Ungodly Deeds which they have Ungodly committed, and of all their Hard Speeches which Ungodly Sinners have spoken against HIM. [JUDE, verse 14, 15].

Please allow the WORD to show you more of FATHERS Truth; Ezekiel 28:13: ‘Thou has been in EDEN the garden of GOD; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day thou was Created.’

Before I go on with this teaching, let me say this: my daughter in law Tykia sent me a text about this verse regarding Serptiel. HE revealed this to her and we are thankful to FATHER for this truth. Serptiel was in the Garden of Eden. Serptiel was an Anointed Cherub. [Ezekiel 28:14]. He was clothed in the same type of minerals like the Foundations of HEAVEN. Please read REVELATION 21:18-20. There are 10 minerals mentioned in this verse. Serptiel knew the Divine Order and Law of GOD. He knew the Laws of GOD. This is why he twisted the WORDS of THE LORD. Serptiel, along with Adam and Eve disobeyed the WORD of GOD. Lucifer was not the only Angel of GOD that was kicked out of Heaven.

Serptiel was upon the Mountain of GOD. He walked up and down in the midst of the Stones of Fire. [Ezekiel 28: 14]. He knew the Things of GOD; FATHERS WORD and FATHERS SPIRIT. Serptiel set his heart as the heart of GOD. This Angel had a god complex because he wanted to be GOD. His arrogance and pride made him think that he has the Mind of GOD. [Ezekiel 28:6]. And he was dead wrong. He was lifted up in Pride. He started declaring that he is GOD, and he said that he will sit on the Throne of GOD. [Ezekiel 28:2]. This is why Serptiel said to Eve that ‘Ye shall be as gods.’ His deception caused him to think that he is a god himself.

Serptiel was Perfect in his ways from the day he was created. Iniquity was found in him as well. Just like Lucifer. [Ezekiel 28:15]. This Angel that was Fallen from Heaven defiled the Sanctuaries because of his Iniquities. In other words, Serptiel that became the Serpent of Satan job was to defile the Saints of GOD. We, the Saints of GOD are the Sanctuary of FATHER in the earth. Serptiel became lifted up in pride because of his beauty. He corrupted himself because of his brightness. He became infatuated with himself. [Ezekiel 28: 17].

Serptiel brightness was defiled because he placed himself into opposition against GOD ALMIGHTY. By him doing so, he thus began walking in the spirit of Antichrist; because he thought that he will take the place of GOD. When the Nations of the world hear FATHERS TRUTH for a 1000 years. Then the Nations will be tested for the Truth that they know. Some will receive FATHERS WORD and HIS SPIRIT; and many will reject FATHERS TRUTH. Some of these creatures will be cast down to the Bottomless Pit for a 1000 years. Serptiel that became the Serpent will be cast into the Pit. [Ezekiel 28:8]. The GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT will happen after the 1000 years and these demonic creatures along with the demonic people will be destroyed. They will die the Deaths of them that are Slain in the Midst of the Seas. This Sea is called the Second Phase of the Lake of FIRE. [Ezekiel 28:8].

There will be a fire that will be produced inside of him, and it will devour him from within; and he will be brought to Ashes upon the earth. [Ezekiel 28:18]. This will be his Lake of FIRE. GROW IN GRACE AND IN THE KNOWLEDGE OF JESUS CHRIST.



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