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The Doctrine of The Devil - Part 2

Updated: Mar 12, 2022



PRAISE THE LORD PEOPLE OF GOD. I hope that all is well with you. I pray that you are maturing in the things of GOD. Please allow FATHER to use you for HIS GLORY. Do not allow friends, family, or your coworkers hinder you from the Will of GOD. Stay focused and move forward in GOD. JESUS IS COMING SOON.

We have been teaching on this doctrine of the devil a few weeks ago. Now it is time to know more of FATHERS truth. Serptiel was an Angel of GOD. He lived in the Third Heaven with the other Angels of GOD. Serptiel became a Fallen Angel because of jealousy and pride. He was demoted and his name became the Serpent. Serptiel was kicked out of Heaven. Please do not get caught up in the false Serpent-Seed Doctrine; which is another Doctrine of the Devil.

The Serpent-Seed Doctrine states that the Serpent had sex with Eve. This is not true at all. Eve was seduced by the lies of the Serpent. This Serpent did not rape or had sex with Eve. But this serpent demon has raped other women on this earth. This serpent demon tempted Eve with the Lust of the eyes, the Lust of the flesh, and the Pride of Life. Saints, please remember that Obedience is better than Sacrifice. Adam and Eve was kicked out of the Garden of Eden because of Disobedience.

Before Serptiel became the Serpent, he walked in the spirit of Jealousy, and he walked in the spirit of Anger. He did not like the fact that FATHER was dealing with Adam and Eve on a continual basis. FATHER talked to them in the Garden. And Serptiel did not like the way FATHER was treating Adam and Eve.

Serptiel became jealous of the female Angel in Heaven. Her name was Monitiel. He was not pleased with the only female Angel in Heaven. Serptiel was demoted. And he wanted Adam and Eve to be demoted as well. Adam and Eve died Spiritually first because of their disobedience toward FATHER. The Fallen Angel was so pleased with Adam and Eve being kicked out of the Garden; which was New Jerusalem on the earth. The TREE of LIFE was in the Garden. And this serpent took pleasure in their fall.

Please take a look at this scripture: GENESIS 3:14: ‘And the LORD GOD said unto the Serpent, because thou hast done this, thou art Cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field, upon thy Belly shalt thou go, and Dust shalt thou Eat all the Days of thy Life.’

Saints of GOD, this is the demotion of Serptiel. He is cursed by GOD. His name became the Serpent. This serpent works for Satan, and Satan is his lord, his god, and his master. When Serptiel was cast out of Heaven, he did not stay an Angel of GOD, he was turned into a serpent creature. All the demons on the earth ran to him and convinced him to join team Satan; and this is what he did. You need to know FATHERS TRUTH. When I see a snake crawling on the ground, I am reminded of this chapter. Serptiel was Execrated. And he was very Bitter towards the way FATHER showed LOVE towards Mankind. FATHER decreed Judgment against Serptiel; thus becoming a serpent of Satan. Serptiel was declared to be Evil and Detestable in the Eyes of THE LORD; and to mankind. He was created by GOD to be Sacred; but he Denounced FATHER; and FATHER kicked him out of Heaven. Lucifer and Tens of Thousands of Angels were kicked out of Heaven; and all of them are cursed by GOD. They are Evil and they all made an Oath with Satan once they were kicked out of Heaven.

This demonic serpent attacks women that are pregnant. Especially if he has a hint about that child being special unto GOD. Like I said before, this demon enjoys raping women to kill the seed inside her belly. This demon did not want JESUS to come forth. Satan and his messengers did all they could to destroy Baby JESUS; but their plan did not work. JESUS came FORTH and the GATES OF HELL did not Prevail. The serpent shall eat dust because he is a snake in the natural; and he is a snake in the demonic world. His dust will be his death and destruction. The serpent will turn gray like a dead body turning formaldehyde grey. This serpent will be Pulverized like bones being placed in the processing machine after the cremation taking place.

The Serpent will be destroyed by the Power of CHRIST SPIRIT and by the Power of CHRIST WORD; and by the Power of CHRIST REDEMPTIVE BLOOD! He will be COMPLETELY DESTROYED by GOD during the season of THE LAKE OF FIRE! TO GOD BE THE GLORY! There may be more to this teaching. GROW IN GRACE AND IN THE KNOWLEDGE OF JESUS CHRIST.



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