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The Year 2023

The Year 2023

Hello brothers and sisters in CHRIST. I want to share with you what THE LORD had shared with me on December 3, 2022 at 10:43AM EST.

“The year 2023 is going to be a year filled with many sorrows. THE LORD is trying to get the attention of the young people. While at the same time the enemy is making war against them. The enemy has completely opened his mouths against young people and is preparing to destroy this generation. Next year, the spirit python will be in full operation. Young people will be hooked on and addicted to all kinds of drugs - causing many deaths across the world. Next year - there will be so much bloodshed due to the increase of violence on the earth. Heinous murders will become prevalent. It is going to be so difficult to come to THE LORD if you are not with HIM. For those that are weak in the faith - their hearts shall fail them. There will be so many distractions on the earth - that it will be difficult to focus and truly see what is going on. Young people will be even more deceived by false messages of prosperity. Kids in middle and high school will be exposed to more violence and afflicting more violence on each other. There will be so much sin in the world to where you will not be able to see JESUS anymore. Death will reign on this earth. Death of young people. In ages of twenties or lower. More school shootings will occur. More gun violence will occur. Neighbor against neighbor. The spirit of leviathan, python, and apollyon will reck havoc on this earth.”

Numbers given:

20 = Redemption 

23 = Death 

Then THE LORD told me to read Lamentations 3.

Please stay prayerful in this season brothers and sisters. Please pray about this and seek FATHER for HIM TO REVEAL HIS TRUTH TO YOU. Please continue to study HIS WORD And pray to FATHER. I love you all. 

Tykia Kirkwood

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