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Praise THE LORD People of GOD! I hope that all is well with you. I pray that you continue to have a zeal for GOD. JESUS IS COMING SOON! It won’t be long, JESUS IS COMING! Prepare to meet your Master. How long, not long. The Trumpets of GOD are Blowing. The Seals of GOD are Broken, and the Vials of GOD are Pouring Out.

I must be honest with those that are going to read this teaching, I have more to say today. I HATE this Demonic city. This city is All EVIL and ALL DEMONIC! This city has corrupted the Hearts of Men and Women for thousands of years. I cannot wait until FATHER DESTROYS THIS EVIL CITY. This city has possessed people to do evil. This city has influenced nations to do evil to one another for thousands of years. It is time for this city to be TOTALLY DESTROYED, OBLITERATED and ANNIHILATED BY THE ONE AND ONLY JESUS CHRIST!!! FOR HE SHALL DESTROY THIS FILTHY, FUNKY CITY BY HIS POWER AND BY HIS MIGHT! BABYLON, YOU ARE destroyed by the POWER OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!! FOR HE is the ONLY ONE that CAN and WILL DESTROY THIS EVIL CITY!!! HALLELUJIAH TO THE KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS!!! HE IS THE TRUE AND ULTIMATE CHAMPION!!! BABYLON, YOU CANNOT DESTROY OUR JESUS, FOR HE WILL DESTROY YOU!!! HALLELUJIAH TO THE LAMB OF GOD!!!

I just wanted to get this off my chest. I am ready to move forward, and I am ready to move forward in JESUS NAME. FORWARD MARCH!!!! Please take a look at REVELATION 18:13:

[13]. ‘And cinnamon, and odours, and ointments, and frankincense, and wine, and oil, and fine flour, and wheat, and beasts, and sheep, and horses, and chariots, and SLAVES, and SOULS of MEN.’

There you have it people of GOD. SLAVES!! You want to know how SLAVERY started all over the world, it started from this city. The Slave Trade Was and IS EVIL! We still have Slaves today in this city and around the world. Human Trafficking is SLAVERY People of GOD. Taking people against their will is SLAVERY. I do not care how much you try to Sugar Coat it, Slavery is Slavery. Do not purchase slaves from this city, because this is evil! When you are a slave, that means that you are in Bondage. This city has slaves, and they are in bondage by these demons. You can be from this demonic city today. There is a way out of this Bondage. And HIS name is JESUS CHRIST! HE is the ONLY ONE that can free you from slavery! Satan and his demons influenced Nations to put each other in bondage; and he influenced people to maltreat people through Slavery as well. Satan and his demons were behind people starting the slave trade. Now you know where the origin of Slavery started.

The BLOOD of JESUS will free you from demonic slavery! Give your life to HIM and HE will take all the shackles, chains and fetters off your body, soul and spirit. JESUS is here to free you from Slavery. CALL ON HIM TODAY and HE WILL ANSWER YOU TODAY! HE WILL RECEIVE YOU WITH OPEN ARMS! When you are on drugs, smoking cigarettes’, sexual perversions, thefts, robbery, lying, stealing, cheating, and all manner of sins, you are ENSLAVED to this demonic city. if you are walking in the spirit of homosexuality and other sexual sins, you are a SLAVE of BABYLON. To those women that are Aborting babies like a bag of skittles, you are a Slave of BABYLON. When you call GOOD Evil and Evil GOOD, you are a SLAVE to BABYLON! If you are walking in the spirit of Adultery and the spirit of Fornication, you a SLAVE to this City!! Satan and his demons do not want you to know this truth because they want you to stay spiritually blind for the rest of your life.

When you can justify your evil lifestyle without any remorse, you are a SLAVE to BABYLON!!! OH, MY CHILD, YOU ARE IN ALLEGIANCE TO THE WRONG CITY. This city has always been designed to kill you. And to keep you in slavery forever! Are you offended? I sure hope not because there is more. LOL! But there is another CITY that is not built by the hands of men; and the name of this GREAT CITY is NEW JERUSALEM from ABOVE! THIS CITY WILL FREE YOU FROM ALL THESE DEMONIC VICES AND STRONGHOLDS!! WHY, may you ask? Because JESUS THE CHRIST IS THE KING OF THAT GREAT CITY!! AND HE IS THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN SET US FREE!! THE TRUTH REPEATS HIMSELF!!! JESUS IS HERE TO SET YOU FREE FROM BABYLON TODAY!!!

In this verse there is another truth that you need to see. ‘THE SOULS OF MEN’ are inside that city. The word SOULS deals with the MIND. Many people minds are in bondage to this city. Satan is the Leader of this demonic city; he has many demons that are there as well; and he gives those demons their orders to go into all these nations and influence them to do evil. Why do you think that we have so much evil with SO-CALLED Leaders of Governments that are into everything Evil? Because their minds are influenced by this evil city. Literally, people have gone missing over all the earth; and their bodies are never found. Why? Because these demons snatched their bodies and took them to BABYLON to be sacrificed by Satan. Women, some Men, little boys and little girls have been taken to that demonic city. And they were killed in that city; never to return again!

This teaching here is designed to not only talk about this city, but to EXPOSE them through JESUS CHRIST our LORD! Do not allow this city to keep your SOUL in Bondage. The word Slavery really means for us to be Saved, Safe, Delivered and Protected. GREEK NUMBER 4982 and GREEK NUMBER 4983; Strong’s Concordance. Allow me to say this to you today: BABYLON WILL NOT AND CANNOT SAVE YOU, DELIVER YOU, NOR PROTECT YOU!! This city is designed to KILL AND DESTROY YOU!! AGAIN, this city is TOTALLY SATANIC AND DEMONIC IN NATURE!! Do you want PROTECTION? DO you want DELIVERANCE? Do you want to be SAVED? JESUS is here NOW to SAVE YOU, PROTECT YOU AND DELIVER YOU from SATAN and his demons!! LET THIS MIND BE IN YOU, WHICH IS ALSO IN CHRIST JESUS! [Philippians 2:5]. BE YE NOT CONFORMED TO THIS WORLD SYSTEM BUT BE YE TRANSFORMED BY THE RENEWING OF YOUR Mind! [ROMANS 12:2]. COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE, that ye be not PARTAKERS OF HER SINS, that ye receive not of her PLAGUES! [REVELATION 18:4].



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