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PRAISE THE LORD PEOPLE OF GOD. I hope that all is well with you. I pray that you continue to rely on HIM. FATHER is the only one that can help us and save us. HE IS THE ONLY ONE that can do it. Please do not place your trust in man more than you place your trust in GOD. Man will continue to let us down, but our Heavenly FATHER will never let us down. Please place your focus on THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. Looking unto JESUS the Author and Finisher of our Faith.

Please take a look at REVELATION 18:13: ‘And cinnamon, and ODOURS, and OINTMENTS, and FRANKINCENSE, and WINE, and OIL, and FINE FLOUR, and WHEAT, and BEASTS, and SHEEP, and HORSES, and CHARIOTS, and SLAVES, and SOULS of MEN.’

Look at the items that are located in Babylon. They have Oduors. When you see this word, this is very similar to REVELATION 8:1-4. The creatures in this city wants to take away your Prayer Life with GOD. They do not want you to pray. But many people around the world pray to Satan. They have given their lives to him. His Odours will cause you to lose your soul. His Ointment will cause you to go spiritually blind; so that you cannot see the things and the way of GOD. This Ointment will not heal your wounds and scars. These ointments will cause your wounds to never heal, and you will continue to walk in the spirit of Bitterness and Unforgiveness. Do not purchase your Oduors from this city. Because Satan is the king of this demonic city. Do not purchase spices from this city. These spices will take away your taste from THE LORD! OH, TASTE AND SEE THAT THE LORD IS GOOD!

These spices are designed to take away your spiritual discernment; not able to recognize that which is good or evil; holy or unholy; clean or unclean. You do not want to purchase these items from this city because it is all demonic. PLEASE do not purchase your OIL and WINE from this city. Oil and Wine are symbolic of the HOLY SPIRIT. This wine is a false spirit; this oil is a false move of GOD. They want you to think that this move is of GOD, but you will find out that this oil and wine is of the Devil. The holy laughter movement was not of GOD. The Lakeland revival was not of GOD. They were false moves and false spirits’; thus, opening up demonic portals to enter into these revivals. There are so many false moves of the spirit, there are too many to mention. On our Christian television, you can discern and see the false moves of these demonic forces.

In this city, you will find out that they have Fine Flour and Wheat. These two products are used to make Bread; and all types of food products along with drinking product as well. Do not purchase nor eat the Wheat and Bread from Babylon. This bread from this city will cause you to overdose. This bread in this city will cause you to eat the wrong Word. JESUS IS THE BREAD OF LIFE. JESUS IS THE BREAD OF GOD that came down from HEAVEN. PLEASE EAT THE BREAD OF GOD. The BREAD of GOD will lead and guide you unto ETERNAL LIFE. Please Read JOHN 6:32-51. JESUS IS THE LIVING BREAD which came down from HEAVEN; IF any MAN or WOMAN EAT of this BREAD, HE or SHE will LIVE FOREVER. And the BREAD that JESUS gives is HIS flesh, which HE gives for the LIFE of the WORLD. [JOHN 6:51].

In this city, there are BEASTS, SHEEP and HORSES there, along with CHARIOTS. The Beasts that are in this city are Demonic Spirits. There are Sheep in this city as well. But these sheep are followers of Satan and his angels. The sheep in this city hear and know the voice of SATAN. If you are in a false religion or teachings, you are a sheep of SATAN. But there are another set of sheep’s that do not listen to the voice of SATAN. JESUS said that MY SHEEP HEAR and KNOW MY VOICE, and they FLLOW ME. [JOHN 10:27]. JESUS will give HIS SHEEP ETERNAL LIFE, and they shall NEVER PERISH, neither shall be PLUCKED OUT of HIS HAND. [JOHN 10:28].

In this city there are HORSES and CHARIOTS. Horses are used for Battles and for War. When you have Chariots, they are connected with the Horses. This city has warfare demons, and these war demons are designed to do battel against FATHER, HIS ANGELS and HIS SAINTS. Apollyon, the 8 HORSEMEN of the APOCALYPSE are warfare demons. Leviathan is a Warfare demon as well. And SATAN is the King over all the demons that are named. They worship SATAN because SATAN is their god. Those chariots are coming after the Saints. But I have GOOD NEWS for you: The KINGS of THE EAST will destroy all of those demons. The KING of the EAST IS JESUS CHRIST!! THE TRUMPETS OF WAR ARE ALREADY BLOWING, AND WE WIN SAINTS OF GOD!!! WE WIN!! All those creatures will be DESTROYED through JESUS OUR LORD! JESUS has Horses as well. Please read REVELATION CHAPTER 19.

I cannot let this go. The sheep in Babylon are ANTICHRIST DEMONS. Do not Buy their sheep’s because those sheep’s will cause you to be a member of the ANTICHRIST AGENDA on earth. These sheep are designed to take away your ears so that you do not hear FATHERS VOICE. The Beasts, Sheep, Horses are in the Meat department. Please do not eat the meat from BABYLON. This MEAT is not of GOD. This MEAT will KILL you. This MEAT will CONSUME you from the INSIDE-OUT. This MEAT will POISON your body, soul and spirit.

Please EAT the MEAT OF GOD! JESUS FLESH is MEAT INDEED. And JESUS BLOOD is DRINK INDEED. [JOHN 6:53-57]. The demons in BABYLON eat meat of animals and humans as well. They are demonic cannibals and demonic Carnivores. These demons will eat you up and drink your blood. They do this in the Natural, Carnal Realm because they are Carnal in nature.. when you see people consuming human flesh, they are possessed by demonic spirits. And they are citizens of BABYLON. Be HUNGRY for FATHERS MEAT. Desire the BREAD of GOD. So that you will be a partaker of the Family of GOD.



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