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PRAISE THE LORD PEOPLE OF GOD! I hope that you are learning something from these teachings. I pray that your Eyes are opened to FATHERS TRUTH. I pray that your Heart is opened to receive HIS TRUTH. It is the Will of GOD for us to know, understand and to Spiritually Mature in the Things of GOD.  

    I extended the title to JESUS casting out Demons as well because the demons revealed their names to JESUS.  Now it is time for us to check this out: LUKE 10:18:

      [18].        ‘And HE said unto them, I Beheld SATAN as Lightning fall from HEAVEN.’

    SAINTS of THE MOST HIGH, OUR LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST saw a FALLEN ANGEL fall from HEAVEN. And his name is LUCIFER. SATAN WILL FALL!!! And JESUS will destroy him. The Angel that dwelled in the THIRD HEAVEN was LUCIFER. I repeat, LUCIFER!! This is deep! Satan has never had access to Heaven. And the Third Heaven is the TABERNACLE REALM.

     FATHERS Angels dwell and reside in the Tabernacle Realm. The Chief Archangel Michael is the Leader and Ruler of the 4th Realm. JESUS gave him that authority. There is a difference between Satan and Lucifer. They are two separate beings. When Lucifer was Cast Out and came to the earth, Satan met him, and Lucifer made sure that he was going to Magnify Satan. Lucifer is now a Demonic Spirit as well. Satan is the result of Lucifer. This Lucifer is on the earth with the other fallen angels; MANY fallen angels attached themselves with Lucifer. Many of the fallen angels have abused women sexually. They are still on the earth, but their day shall come. Lucifer was very Haughty and Full of PRIDE. Lucifer fell like lightning from Heaven.

    Lucifer works for Satan as well. Satan is his lord, god and master. JESUS wasn’t enough for Lucifer. He chose Satan instead. What a bad move on his part. Satan has always been evil since the Beginning of time. Lucifer, after he was removed from HEAVEN, with his Pride and Haughty Spirit, he used his Evil to help MAGNIFY the EVIL and DECEPTION of Satan. I have repeated this truth again in this teaching so that you can see and hear FATHERS TRUTH. I submit to you that JESUS was teaching the Disciples and the other Believers about Lucifer falling from HEAVEN.

Lucifer partners with the other demon that is the King of Pride; and his name is Leviathan. Let me give you a Spiritual Nugget. There was an Angel of GOD that refused to follow Lucifer, but he was the one that told FATHER what Lucifer plan and scheme were. FATHER already knew what they were up to, and HE knew that they would carry them out, but this Angel was the One who went to FATHERS THRONE and told HIM exactly what they were trying to do. So, when this Angel told FATHER, FATHER found this Angel to be very Trustworthy; other Angels knew, but they did not tell. FATHER was very proud of him for his Trustworthiness and Honesty. This Angel became FATHERS FRIEND. His name is RAGUEL. Now you know! TO FATHER BE THE GLORY!!

    SAINTS OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, please look at ISAIAH 14: 12-17: pay close attention to verses 12 and 13.

            [12].  ‘How art thou Fallen from HEAVEN, O LUCIFER, son of the morning, art thou CUT DOWN to the GROUND.’ [13]. ‘For thou hast said in thine HEART, I WILL ASCEND into HEAVEN, I will EXALT MY THRONE ABOVE THE STARS OF GOD: I will SIT also upon the MOUNT of THE CONGREGATION, in the SIDES of the NORTH.’

    Please HEAR and SEE THE ARROGANCE and PRIDE of LUCIFER!! Lucifer was premeditating his plot in his mind. He said that he will ascend into the THIRD HEAVEN, where FATHERS Throne is located. He said that he will exalt himself above the STARS of GOD. The STARS of GOD is Two-Fold: one is the Angels of GOD, and the other Stars are the Messengers and Preachers of GOD. He also said that he will sit upon the Mount of the Congregation. There are Saints of GOD that live and Dwell in the Tabernacle Realm, and you have SAINTS of GOD that are Seated in the 4th REALM. I submit to you that Lucifer wanted to Sit above the Saints in the 4th Realm. And I submit to you again that JESUS was talking about Lucifer in this verse: LUKE 10:18. There is more to come SAINTS of GOD.



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