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Part 1

PRAISE THE LORD SAINTS OF THE MOST HIGH. I pray that you are studying FATHERS WORD, preparing for HIS soon return. I pray that JESUS is your All in All. I pray that you are hungry and thirsty for FATHER; and you shall be filled. I pray that the Truth of FATHERS WORD is Enlightening you to Mature in the Things of GOD.  

    This subject has been on my mind for a while, and I would like to show you from the scriptures about JESUS revealing the demonic spirits operating in HIS day. Please look at MATTHEW 6:24:

              ‘No man can serve TWO MASTERS; for either he will hate the one and love the other or else he will hold to the one and despise the other. Ye cannot serve GOD and MAMMON.’

    JESUS revealed the demonic spirit Mammon in HIS day. This Mammon works for Satan. And Satan is his lord, god and master. This demon was a Master over many Jewish people in the days of JESUS. This demon Steals Money because of his Greed and Naughtiness. This demon partners with Luxuria and Leviathan. We have Mammon living in this day because we have greedy preachers stealing money from their Congregations.

     They are Making Merchandise out of the SAINTS of GOD because of their greed. The Pharisees and the Sadducees were stealing from the people that worshipped in the temple. This demon is still prevalent today. Saints, we must not give into Mammon because if you allow him to influence you to Greed,  he will become your Master. Serve THE LORD JESUS CHRIST and fall in Love with HIM. Please allow JESUS to become your LORD, MASTER and GOD.  

    There is more truth to witness through the life of JESUS CHRIST. Look at MATTHEW 7:15:

              ‘Beware of FALSE PROPHETS, which come to you in Sheep’s Clothing, but INWARDLY they are RAVENING WOLVES.’

    JESUS saw the spirits inside of a man or woman that called themselves to be a PSEUDO PROPHET or PROPHETESS. They look holy. They look Saved and Sanctified. Filled with the Holy Ghost. But JESUS called them Ravenous Wolves. HE exposed their Inward parts, and he discerned that they were demonic by nature. There were false prophets in the days and life of JESUS, and you know that there are Pseudo Prophets in our lifetime as well. For they are Ravenous. This word in the Greek means EXTORTION.          Greek word HARPAX. Strongs number 727. What are they extorting? They are extorting your Body, Soul and Spirit. They are sent by Satan to Extort your Money. These demonic Prophets want to Seize you up and place you into their Bondage of Corruption. We are seeing the same thing today. These Prophets Prophesy FALSELY unto you in my NAME. I have not SENT them, saith THE LORD. [ JEREMIAH 29:9]. Saints, please be careful letting these people into your Temple. We must Try or Test the spirits to see if they are of GOD. JESUS said that they are WOLVES!! Our FATHER was calling out their demonic names and demonic natures.

    This word WOLVES in the GREEK is the name LUKOS and LEUKOS. Greek number 3074 and 3022. The words mean WHITISH HAIR and this word means LIGHT and WHITE. JESUS exposed the Name and Nature of this demonic spirit. This demon was prevalent in the days of JESUS, and this demon is prevalent today. The demon LEUKOS is mentioned elsewhere in the Scriptures. He is mentioned in REVELATION CHAPETER 6:1. This is the demon on the WHITE HORSE. I repeat: LEUKOS is the DEMONIC SPIRIT that rides on the WHITE HORSE. Leukos is prevalent today as well. The Seals of REVELATION are Open. And when you see, discern and recognize a false prophet, they are operating under the spirit of Leukos.  

    Let us expose some more Truth about Leukos. He is an ANTICHRIST DEMON! He resides in Pakistan and Iraq. He Influence FALSE RELIGIONS in the earth. Such as Hinduism, Buddhism, and Islam. The list goes on and on. Leukos is a STRONGHOLD DEMON! This demon is an IMITATION DEMON. A PSEUDO-LIGHT. He partners with Leviathan, Pohal, Lucento, Shachal, Hermes and Belan. All these demons are Agents of Satan, and they all work for Satan because Satan is their commander.  

    These False Prophets creeps into the homes of SILLY WOMEN that are burden with Lusts. [ II TIMOTHY 3:6]. Saints of GOD, let us look at this passage of Scripture: MATTHEW 12: 34-37; let us read verse 34:

              ‘O GENERATION of VIPERS, how can ye, being Evil, speak good things? For out of the abundance of the HEART the Mouth speaketh.’

    JESUS was not speaking this hard truth to the Unbelievers, but he was speaking this truth to the Religious Leaders of HIS day. HE spoke this truth to the Scribes and the Pharisees. [ verse 38]. Once again, JESUS sees the HEART; that which is Inwardly. What is a Viper? A Viper is a Poisonous Snake. A Viper is extremely Venomous. Was JESUS talking about a regular Snake? I don’t think so, but JESUS was calling out the names and natures of these SNAKE DEMONS. The Greek word for Vipers is ECHIDUA. Greek number 2191. And the word means ADDER. An Adder is a small Southern European Viper with an upturn snout. Another term for an Egyptian Cobra. There are many snake demons. But I will name one right now. PYTHON or PUTHOS is a SNAKE DEMON. HYDRA is a SNAKE DEMON. The SERPENT is a SNAKE DEMON. The SERPENT in GENESIS CHAPTER 6 was a Fallen Angel. His angelic name used to be SERPTIEL. In the days of JESUS, HE was Warring against PYTHON and other Snake Demons. The Religious Leaders influenced and possessed by these demons will Twist the Word of GOD to deceive you. Python is the demonic spirit of Divination. He has many demonic offsprings. I.E. Children. Python is a Chief Principality Demon. These Snake Demons are Subtle. And they will lead people to Idolatry which is the Spirit of Witchcraft.

    There is more to come. But our JESUS exposed these demonic snakes in HIS DAY! And we are Warring with the same demons as well. I am going to pause on this teaching, there will be a Part 2.



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